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The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) is the nation’s leading resource for patients, health care professionals and organizations seeking up-to-date, medically sound information and program materials on the causes, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. Established in 1984 as America’s only voluntary, nonprofit health organization dedicated to reducing the widespread prevalence of osteoporosis, the foundation has grown to include a network of diverse stakeholders that support its goals to increase public awareness and knowledge, educate physicians and health care professionals, and support research activities concerning osteoporosis and bone health related areas. 

NOF’s National Bone Health Policy Institute brings together the expertise, resources, and perspective of the full spectrum of bone health stakeholders to advocate for health policy initiatives that promote bone health and reduce both the personal and financial costs of fragility fractures. While the breadth of our mission extends beyond the bone health concerns associated with advancing age, we are focused on protecting Medicare beneficiary access to osteoporosis treatment options and aligning CMS payment policies with our shared goal of reducing the incidence of and improving the care for fragility fractures in the Medicare population. 

We have seen example after example of third parties with their own agendas defining the value of new treatments for patients and using those definitions to deny access to treatment. Further, we see that while our patient population suffers debilitating pain and even death, in large numbers, innovative models of care have largely been ignored.The time is now for us to shape healthcare models that support healthy bones and as a result, the kind of healthy aging we all envision.

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The Coalition to Strengthen Bone Health, brings together the voices and strengths of aging, family caregiver, women’s health and bone health advocates to raise awareness about the importance of bone health and the impact of osteoporosis and bone fractures on families and taxpayers and help advance evidence-based policy solutions to improve bone health.