medicare cost of Osteoporotic fractures

The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) contracted with the independent actuarial firm, Milliman, to conduct an analysis of the the clinical and cost burden of fractures caused by osteoporosis. The analysis also provides insights on potential economic savings that could be realized if the rate of secondary (repeat) fractures were reduced. View the findings here.

National Osteoporosis Foundation Report Finds Patient-Centered Care Is Key Element in Delivering High-Quality, High-Value Treatment

A new study, released July 29, 2019, found that these high-risk patients remain untreated despite knowing of their increased fracture risk, having concerns that a fracture could severely limit quality of life, and being aware of their treatment options. Read the full study here.

National Bone Health Policy Institute Responds to Proposed Rules

NOF on behalf of the NBHPI has submitted comments to CMS and HHS regarding proposed rules that could impact osteoporosis patients access to testing and treatment. Comment letters have been submitted for the following: