Osteoporosis is Common.

  • Approximately 10 million Americans age 50 and above have osteoporosis and another 44 million have low bone density, placing them at increased risk for bone fracture. 

  • For women, the incidence of breaking a bone is greater than that of heart attack, stroke and breast cancer combined. 


Osteoporosis is serious, even deadly.


Osteoporosis is treatable, if not preventable.

  • Medicare payment rates for bone-density tests have been cut by 70 percent resulting in 2.3 million fewer women being tested.  And in the last 5 years the osteoporosis diagnosis of older women has declined by 18 percent.

  • The percentage of Americans who have suffered a hip fracture getting medication afterward to prevent another fracture declined from 40.2% in 2002 to 20.5% in 2011.

  • Medicare often does not pay for the cost-effective care coordination known as fracture liaison service meaning that most go without its benefits.


 Osteoporosis is Costly.

  • Osteoporotic bone fractures are responsible for more hospitalizations than heart attacks, strokes and breast cancer combined.

  • We spend about $400,000 a year for hip fracture patient care—And that does not include the costs of long-term care.