NOF Engages Milliman to Analyze the Cost of Osteoporosis

NOF has contracted with Milliman to conduct a Foundational Economic Analysis of the Cost of Osteoporosis.  

As we work in this value-based economy, we need strong economic models that show the financial impact of osteoporosis on patients, healthcare systems, and the government (many of our patients are on Medicare or are dual eligibles on Medicare and Medicaid).  When we began this work, we knew we needed a partner with technical expertise who was also objective and trusted.  As an independent firm, Milliman is not owned by any insurer, bank, broker or accounting firm.  They have built an international reputation on integrity and work at the highest professional level.  

The Milliman team has worked on reimbursement, risk sharing, capitation, and population health management initiatives for public and private payers for decades. They have worked with providers including academic medical centers on alternative payment methods including bundled payments and capitation, and know the specific challenges, obstacles to deployment, and tools for implementation and analysis associated with bundled payments. Milliman understands the administrative issues associated with bundled payments from the perspective of Medicare, providers, intermediaries and other payers.

We expect to publish the paper in June 2019 and will host a public meeting in Washington, DC to debut the findings from our Milliman report on the Foundational Economic Impact of the Cost of Osteoporosis.  Shortly after we publish the report, we will also be creating a white paper with key findings and using that content to further hone our strategy for value-based care that will benefit patients with osteoporosis.

Jacqueline Bell